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Pale yellow with a green hue. Floral Aromas and exotic fruit with a delicate muscat note. Fresh and mild at the same time, easy drinking.

12 % vol, dry

Grüner Veltliner Kamptal DAC


Pale light-yellow. Youthful Grüner with peppery and herbal notes, some citrus and apple. Crispy palate with pure fruit and a good grip on the tounge. Lingering fruit and aftertaste.
*90 points* - Falstaff Wein-Guide, NÖ-GOLD 2023
12,5 %vol, dry

Grüner Veltliner Kamptal DAC Reserve Ried Karl


Light yellow-golden with a green hue. Some roasted notes, peppery and spicy with citrus and ripe pear. A dense palate with plenty of extract, ripe and yellow fruit and a long finish.
*92 Points* - HKIWSC 2023, NÖ-GOLD 2023
13 %vol, dry

Riesling Kamptal DAC Ried Galgenberg


Bright light yellow with a green hue. Fresh and fragrant nose, floral with light stone fruit, apricot and peach, bracing acidity with medium body and length. *91 points* - Falstaff Weinguide, NÖ-GOLD 2023
12,5 %vol, dry

Grüner Veltliner Beerenauslese


Bright golden yellow. Complex and ripe Grüner-nose. Caramel notes with melon and honey and a touch of sweet botrytis. Spicy and aromatic on the palate. Well balanced sugar-acid ratio and persisting fruit in the end.
12 %vol, dry

Pinot Blanc Galgenberg


Bright yellow. Nutty and spicy with subtle citrus notes, a touch of green apple. Medium-bodied and on the palate with a bright freshness, zesty notes and minerality. NÖ-GOLD 2023

13 %vol, dry

Chardonnay Bleckenweg


Bright yellow with a green hue. Spicy-nutty, ripe sweetish aromas of yellow fruit, subtle citrus notes, juicy with fine minerality and long and bracing acidity. Opulent and long finish with persistent fruit. NÖ-GOLD 2023
13,5 %vol, dry

Chardonnay Bleckenweg on oak


Bright golden yellow. Ripe, complex fruit, sweetish honeylike with roasty notes. Delicate vanilla with a smoky-spicy texture, fullbodied and lush minerality. Opulent and long finish. 12 months in new oak.
*94 points* - Riedencup Berlin
14 %vol, dry

Sauvignon Blanc Bleckenweg


Pale straw yellow. Tropical fruit, with gooseberry and elderberry along with some grassy notes. On the palate spicy and intense fruit with good minerality and vibrant acidity.

12,5 %vol, dry

Gelber Muskateller


Pale yellow. Intense muscat flavors with a delicate herbal spiciness. Elderberry blossom and tropical fruit with mango and peach, intense yellow fruit . Good mineral structure. Long and pure fruit in the finish.
12,5 %vol, dry



Bright pink. The grapes of Zweigelt are giving aromas of cherry, elderberry and citrus. Sparkling fruity acidity on the palate. An ideal summer wine!
*91 Points*
12,5 %vol, dry

Blauer Zweigelt


Bright ruby ​​red. Cherry and red plum fruit with some spices in the nose. Medium-bodied on the palate with hints of cinnamon and a mild-spicy texture. Soft tannin structure. Round and juicy in the finish.

13 %vol, dry



Dark purple, opaque core and red legs. Ripe berry aromas with black elderberry and compote. Delicately smoky and spicy with subtle vanilla aromas. Distinct tannins and persistent fruit on the finish.
13 %vol, dry

Grüner Veltliner Eiswein Galgenberg


Bright yellow. Mature and intense Veltliner nose. Lemon with hints of passion fruit and honey. Sweet and juicy on the palate with a firm acidic backbone persisting fruit on the finish. Harvested on November 30, 2016 with 27 ° KMW.
9,5 %vol, sweet

Etz Wine Estate

since 1898

Since its foundation in 1898 our winery has always been run as a family business. Today, the fourth generation is at work and managing the modern as well as traditional winery.
With great care and respect for nature we are producing wines that best represent the terroir of the Kamptal. We are working according to the integrated production and furthermore without the use of any insecticides or herbicides. Since 2022 our winery is certified sustainable.
The main variety and cornerstone of our winery is Grüner Veltliner with a share of over 70 percent. Riesling is next to Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Rivaner and Sauvignon Blanc the second most important variety among the whites and is produced under Kamptal DAC label.
Our 40 hectares of vineyards are spread over various well-known "Rieden" in the Kamptal and extend from the town of Langenlois over to the village of Strass to Grafenegg. Starting from west the "Zöbinger Hund" and the "Grub" is to be called first. The vineyards "Gaisberg, Offenberg,  Wechselberg, Hasel and Bleckenweg" are located around the famous winegrowing village of Strass. The "Galgenberg" lies in the municipality of Grafenegg in which our winery is located. One of the most important vineyard is called "Karl". It´s our largest contiguous vineyard that consists of 13 individual terraces and is located high above the Kamptal. It´s been shaped an terraced a couple of years ago and now it´s the most important vineyard for our Grüner´s. From there you will be able to catch a good view on the Austrian Alps





 Our winery here in Walkersdorf am Kamp

Our cellar

It´s just a few weeks to months from the grape to the "finished" wine. In this short period it´s very important for us to keep control at all times. All our musts are taken from hand-selected grapes, which are gently pressed and clarified and brougth to our fermentation tanks. Skin contact is depending on the maturity and temperature of the material and can be up to 24 hours. A clean, temperature-controlled fermentation is achieved by adding cultivated yeasts. Temperature adjustments are being done during this process. All our wines will be kept on the lees until the time of bottling. A sole addition of sulfur ensures the fruitiness and development of the wine.

Kellergasse Galgenberg

It all has started here. In this traditional cellar in the scenic Kellergasse on the Galgenberg six meters topped by Löß the wines are being kept all year long at a constant temperature of 11°C.

Racking and filtration

In late spring after a few months of settling the wines are racked and filtered at once and then finished for bottling. However the Reserve wines are kept on the lees for about 12 months. We believe that our wines will keep the freshness and the bite this way.

Temperture control

It´s known that during alcoholic fermentation heat and CO² will be generated. Since many fruit esters are formed by the yeast during the fermentation we will keep the temperature constant and low.
By the way, since 2016 the energy needed for this is generated from a 20 KW photovoltaic plant. Another step towards sustainability!

Fermentation tanks

The best grapes deserve the best material! In other words; a clean environment is the best pre-condition to produce and develope outstanding wines!

Our vineyards

Kamptal vineyards (Rieden) 

Galgenberg - Gallows hill

With regard to our entire vineyard acreage this is the largest and closest one to the winery. Several lots of vineyards are located on the Galgenberg. The soil there is mostly gravel provided with sand and Löss or mixtures of these - an ideal site for Grüner Veltliner. By the way - our original wine cellar is located in the middle of the idyllic Kellergasse at the Galgenberg.


Is the sisterhill of the famous Heiligenstein. The subsoil also with primary rock of mica-shist, covered with a layer of Löss and partly weathering rocks. This is where our Rieslings come from.


A prime vineyard site on terraces planted with Grüner Veltliner and at the same time the oldest vineyard we own with more than 60 years of age.

Zöbinger Grub

The Grub or Grubgraben lies embedded between the Heiligenstein and the Gaisberg. In 2021 we have reshaped the Grub-vineyard and now it consists of 3 terraces newly planted Grüner Veltliner. The Grubgraben is not just known as a Ried but also as find spot where human artifacts from the stone age were found dating back to 19000 BC.


The Karl, or little Kar - it´s name is a diminutiv, actually meaning small kettle is our largest vineyard complex consisting of 13 terraces with more than ten hectares. Located at an altitude of over 330 m, it is higher located than most of the other Rieden of Kamptal. It is one of the pillars of our winery and plated with Grüner Veltliner. This is were our Grüner Veltliner DAC Reserve comes from.



Weingut Etz

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E-Mail: office@etzwine.at

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